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Rear Brake Light Sticker - Model 3

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You own a Tesla which means your are definitely a fan boy or fan girl of the brand and what it represents. Say it loud each time you brake, with this Tesla Model 3 Car Brake Light Sticker.Each time you brake the word Tesla illuminates in red and adds a nice unique look to your vehicle. Let’s face it, in a few years the “California Camry” (Dont worry we own it too:) will be as popular as the Honda Civic. So get a head start in making your look different with this simple modification.


  • Premium Acrylic Plastic Sheet decal for rear break lights with 3M sticker.
  • Enhance the aesthetics when brake lights are on.
  • Laser-cut for perfect alignment.
  • High emittance, visible at daytime and night time.

Installation:This installation is a simple DIY project that should take you about 10 minutes.Start by cleanIng the brake light area on your rear windshield. Peel the backing off the sticker to expose the 3M adhesive. Align and place the sticker over brake light area. Press firmly to ensure there are no air bubbles, if so apply pressure to the sticker while rubbing it from the center to the edges till air pockets are gone.


  • Material:Premium Acrylic Plastic
  • Part Placement: Rear windshield 

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