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Center Console & Cup Holder Liners - Model 3/Y. 2018-2020

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Our custom Tesla Model 3 car Interior Liners and Cup Holder Mats are engineered in the USA with a unique design. It offers a precise fit you won't find elsewhere, perfectly placed tab handles for easy removal. Made with durable ordourless Polyurethane thermoplastic material which doesn’t have that “rubber tire” smell during hot days.
 Nonslip Mat Set protect your car’s center console, and cup holders. The non-slip bottom clings to your console tray so they stay in place.


  • Helps you to clean up spills and messes easily.
  • Easy to install and removed during clean-ups.
  • Set has 7 pieces each fitting its appropriate compartment perfectly.
  • Made with odorless Polyurethane thermoplastic.

Installation: Clean each console compartment. Place each corresponding piece in its respective slot and ensure each mat is laying flat and snugged into place.


  • Color: Solid Black, Blue Trim, Red Trim, White Trim
  • Car Model.Model 3, Model Y
  • Material: Polyurethane thermoplastic.

This product is a TAAC Essential and is recommended for all new Model 3s and Model Ys.

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