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Model 3/Y Molded ABS Stalk Covers

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Here’s a product to throw on your Holiday list. Drive stalk and Signal stalk covers. These feel amazing. Smooth and sturdy. In our 1st Gen, we noticed that even though they fit, the odd time they would fall off. So we added 3M double-sided tape for more stability.

Molded Stalk Covers
adopt an innovative design, on the surface with gloss carbon fiber texture will make your Model 3/Y look high-end and luxurious. Protect the original Stalks from aging and scratches while adding a unique touch to your cars interior.

Available in Gloss Carbon Fiber, White and Gloss Redall made of high-quality ABS material. Fits for all Model 3 and Model Y.


  • (2pcs) 1 for Signal Stalk and 1 for Drive Stalk.
  • Snaps on and Fits existing Stalks perfectly. 
  • Made with Super Lightweight ABS Material.
  • Available in Glossy Carbon Fiber and Glossy Red and White.
  • Feels amazing each time you signal or select a drive direction.

Installation:Installation is simple and takes less than 10 minutes. Simply peel off the 3M double sided adhesive and snap each stalk cover into place over the existing stalk.


  • Colour: White, Red, Carbon Fiber
  • Material:ABS Material.
  • Car Model: For Tesla Model 3/Y

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